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How-To Apply Stickers

How to put family stickers on a car window

How-To Remove Stickers

How to remove family stickers from a car window

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Custom Designed Family Stickers

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$4.75 Figure   -   $2.00 Name   -   $5.00 Family Name
Baby Toddler Youth Teenager Adult Tall Adult
2.5" Tall 3" Tall 3.5" Tall 4" Tall 5" Tall 6" Tall
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2.5" Tall 3" Tall 4" Tall
  • Available for order. Ships in 3-5 business days
  • Outdoor rated vinyl
  • The decals are clear vinyl with a printed design
  • Printing the design in white on clear shows best on windows
  • Popular stick family stickers, customized to your specifications
  • More hairdos and stick figure options than any other store
  • You design your own family
  • Add names, nicknames, family name or special saying
  • Arrive on one sheet for easy application
  • Not recommended for application under wiper blades
  • Easy removal
  • Individually cut for interchangeable options


Family Stickers Application Instructions

Use our innovative order form to design your unique family sticker and be able to see what your family decal will look like before you receive it! Our custom family stickers are created by selecting stick figures engaged in all kinds of hobbies, professions, and sports. Different hairdos create a custom stick family sticker for any window or family bumper sticker. With over 3000 variations available, our stick people decals can be truly customized.

We cut these cute stick figures from outdoor rated vinyl made to last several years on the outside of the car. The stick figure decals are individually cut, but arrive on one sheet for easy application to glass or any flat surface. The decals are clear vinyl with a printed design. The most popular design print color is white because it appears best on windows, but we offer several colors. Because the stick figures are cut individually and easy to remove, your stick family portrait can be updated as new members join your family, the kids grow, or hobby interests change.

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| 4.7 out of 5 stars

  1. Love them!
    Reviewed By: Mom of 2 active kids on 11/10/15
    5 Stars

    I just reordered a second set of stickers as our children have gotten older. They're long lasting and look great. Definitely recommend them as a cute way to personalize your family vehicle!

  2. Looks Great :0)
    Reviewed By: Amy Carlson on 10/26/15
    5 Stars

    Great quality, easy to apply and totally cute. Love it on my back window!!

  3. Made Momma Happy!
    Reviewed By: Timothy Lay on 10/20/15
    5 Stars

    My step daughter and her husband had bought a new family auto. She lost the twins she was carrying at 26 weeks into her pregnancy with the boys surviving 6 and 7 days before giving up their precious struggles. I told her I was going to get new family stickers like on the other auto except with 2 angels for the twins. She was so proud the day I put them on!

  4. Loved them
    Reviewed By: Linda Maa on 9/20/15
    5 Stars

    Our grandchildren love looking at them all the time and picking out which one depicts their activity. Wouldn't buy from any other company.

  5. excellent
    Reviewed By: Emil Nell on 8/31/15
    5 Stars

    I want to add a pet

  6. love
    Reviewed By: Erika on 8/18/15
    5 Stars

    love showing my 2 and 4 legged family

  7. looked great
    Reviewed By: Denise Pidd on 8/3/15
    5 Stars

    Easy to install. Look great. Fast delivery

    Reviewed By: Stephen Puckett on 7/29/15
    5 Stars

    Excellent decals and the selection was unmatched. The application was easy, no bubbles or wrinkles. Fast shipping too :)

  9. fantastic!
    Reviewed By: anna maria corradi on 7/28/15
    5 Stars

    My family sticker looks so cute!

    I loved all the design options to create my family and made one that looks just like us.
    They arrived in 20 days with shipment by mail.

    Note :if you choose the shipment by mail you have to pay the customs fees upon delivery.

  10. Looks great on my truck
    Reviewed By: Dennis DuFour on 7/27/15
    5 Stars

    Easy to apply, but wife does like her identification as divorced. Poor baby the divorce was her choice not mine.

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