Vinyl Wall Decal Installation

Vinyl decals are very simple to apply to virtually any surface. They will arrive on a thick, sturdy paper backing and covered with a semi transparent transfer tape.

  1. Use a measuring tape to level to the bottom of similar decal and floor or ceiling as necessary to place the decal as desired over the mounting surface. The transfer tape will allow you to see the decal for easy placement. Tape corners to hold graphic in place.
  2. Using the hinge method to apply (with masking tape hinge the top of sticker to your surface, hold away from surface and pull backing off. With sweeping back & forth motion start at the top of graphic to apply, pull mask off. For bubbles slightly prick with a pin or sharp blade.
  3. If vinyl does come up with the tape, simply smooth the tape back over it, press and smooth, and try again. If necessary, hold the edge of the letter with a fingernail as you pull the tape away and gently smooth over the decal once more.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at 1-877-292-0645 or email us at; we’re always more than happy to help.