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How-To Apply Stickers

We explain the proper way to add your family stickers to a car

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Small Family Stickers

SKU: fs_small_family_sticker
30% Smaller than Original Custom Designed Family Stickers
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Starting At: $4.25
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  • 30% smaller than the original
$4.25 Figure   -   $2.00 Name   -   $5.00 Family Name   -   $2.00 Color
Baby Toddler Youth Teenager Adult Tall Adult
1.75" Tall 2.1" Tall 2.45" Tall 2.8" Tall 3.5" Tall 4.2" Tall
Small Pet Medium Pet Large Pet      
1.75" Tall 2.1" Tall 2.45" Tall
  • Smaller stickers are ideal for smaller cars
  • High perfomance outdoor rated vinyl
  • Clear vinyl with a printed design
  • Printing the design in white on clear shows best on windows
  • Lower price than original
  • Custom family sticker
  • Optional names
  • Arrive on one sheet for convenient application
  • Comes off easily
  • Individually cut so certain figures can be changed


Family Stickers Application Instructions

When we first launched, we wanted to give offer the most custom options at the best value. Some customers have given us feedback that they love our designs but think our family stickers might be a little too big for the back of their car. We have decided to start offering all our fantastic custom designs at a third of the size of the original at a lower cost.

Choose from our large selection of hairdos and bodies engaged in numerous activities ranging from careers and hobbies to sports. Like the original, these small custom designed family stickers are made custom per order from high performance outdoor rated vinyl. The decal is contour cut and clear with the design printed white (or any other color of your choice) for a low profile designer family sticker. The figures come all on one sheet already spaced and aligned with a transfer tape over top. The decals are applied all at once. When you are ready to remove your sticker, they come off easily with little residue left behind that can be cleaned with soapy water.

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| 4.9 out of 5 stars

  1. Really love my stickers!
    Reviewed By: Lorraine on 4/15/14
    5 Stars

    I own a 2010 all black Mercury Mountaineer. I put these stickers on my back window and it looks so nice. They don't make my vehicle look cheesy, or lame. My vehicle still looks as elegant as it did before. The windows are tinted black, so the stickers make the window just POP!!

  2. Love our theme!
    Reviewed By: Patty on 4/14/14
    5 Stars

    We're very happy with our small family stickers. We love that we could personalize them so much. We opted for a cottage theme and chose water sports for the whole family. My daughter loves that there were so many hair styles to chose from for her! This is our second time purchasing the stickers. With the crazy winter weather we had some problems- ie) my husband lost a paddle, my daughter lost her head and my tube deflated. The puppy survived! Lol. But we love the theme and how they look on our truck so much that I had to buy them again. Thank you!

  3. LOVE IT !!!!
    Reviewed By: Catherine Kotowski on 4/5/14
    5 Stars

    I recently purchased a new car and had to give up my stickers when I traded in my old car. I ordered these and they fit perfectly on my Toyota Rav 4. My kids love them and so do I !
    Many thanks,

  4. Wonderful and professional and fun!!
    Reviewed By: Laurie Brief on 3/28/14
    5 Stars

    As always love my family stickers!!!

  5. just what i ordered
    Reviewed By: sylvia on 3/25/14
    5 Stars

    They were easy to order. We received them quite promptly. They were exactly what I wanted.\!

  6. luv new small stickers
    Reviewed By: JILL Correa on 3/25/14
    5 Stars

    I've ordered the regular size family sticker before and it worked out fine. It was time to replace the sticker and I went with the smaller sized stickers this time. I like that the stickers are a bit shorter. Also like the selection to personalize each family member--there's something for everyone.

  7. Appreciate Product & Service
    Reviewed By: Jaddie Dodd on 3/10/14
    5 Stars

    Dear Family Stickers

    Two or three months ago I ordered my second family sticker from you. In the comments section of my order, I asked you to put a bow on the dog if possible.

    I thought getting that done was a long shot, especially since I already paid and you had the order. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bow on the dog’s head on my sticker.

    When I removed my first family sticker from you, I was pleased to see that it removed easily and all in one piece after two years of perfect adhesion to our van, so we were able to put the old sticker on our refrigerator.

    I appreciate your product and your service and look forward to creating with you again in the future.

    Jaddie Dodd

  8. Customized to represent ALL my foster kids
    Reviewed By: CREstrada on 2/17/14
    5 Stars

    We are a foster home, and I have been looking & looking for a way to make my foster kids feel like they belong in our blended family. lets me customize our family stickers so that each kid has a sticker that looks like him/her. We've had 21 kids so far, and they all love it when I add their sticker to the long line across our window. You should see the looks I get a stop lights!

  9. Great! loved the first set! going on another!
    Reviewed By: Georgia Olson on 2/12/14
    5 Stars

    This is the 2nd series of stickers I have purchased, I had them on my blue Rogue and we decided to get a new, this time the car is Red!!! and, we loved and got many great positive comments on the unique and fitting characters on our car! now I am going to order another family member who has been in the Navy for 4 years....decided to put him in the family line up as the "Drummer" (Heavy Metal for about 14yrs)...until he gets home in a few months and gets his dream job...the reason he went into the Navy for 4 years....he needed not only the college education and Volunteer Fighter experience, but "Military Points" which he now we will have the "Fireman" to put on the family line up when he is home and has that job!

  10. Great product
    Reviewed By: Richard on 1/29/14
    5 Stars

    The sticker was easy to apply and looks great on the vehicle.

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