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Family Wall Stickers

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The sizes selected in the family designer will be in proportion to each other as shown. The choose sticker size drop down menu below refers to the overall size of the set of stickers. Please see the description below for information on the height of each character in each size set.
Starting At: $5.00
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Size Large $15.00 per Figure, Names Included
Baby Toddler Youth Teenager Adult Tall Adult
8" Tall 10" Tall 12" Tall 14" Tall 18" Tall 21" Tall
Small Pet Medium Pet Large Pet      
8" Tall 10" Tall 14" Tall

Size Medium $8.00 per Figure, Names Included
Baby Toddler Youth Teenager Adult Tall Adult
4" Tall 5" Tall 6" Tall 7" Tall 8" Tall 9" Tall
Small Pet Medium Pet Large Pet      
4" Tall 5" Tall 7" Tall

Size Small $5.00 per Figure, Names Included
Baby Toddler Youth Teenager Adult Tall Adult
2.5" Tall 3" Tall 3.5" Tall 4" Tall 5" Tall 6" Tall
Small Pet Medium Pet Large Pet      
2.5" Tall 3" Tall 4" Tall

  • Quick installation
  • Lettering and design arrives all on one sheet already aligned
  • Easy removal, great for temporary applications
  • Letters and design appear as if hand painted on the surface
  • Ideal for personalized decor
Wall Decal Application Instructions

Our family wall stickers are a great alternative to traditional family portraits and offer a fun way to decorate your home. Our family wall decals feature many different sizes so your stick family portrait can be the perfect size for your wall. The figures are made using an adhesive backed vinyl, so all you have to do is stick them on the wall. Each custom family wall decal can be made to include every member of your immediate family, and our large selection of animal images makes it easy to add any family pets as well. All family wall stickers are easily removable as well, so if at any point you decide to take your large stick figure family down you can do so with ease. Give your bedroom, living room, kids room or any other room in your house an amazing decorative touch with our large family wall decals.

Wall Decal Application Instructions

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| 4.7 out of 5 stars

  1. Fun for my wall
    Reviewed By: Christie on 2/11/15
    5 Stars

    I liked the variety I could choose from. Now I just need to decide which wall it looks best on. It's going to look great wherever I put them.

  2. cool
    Reviewed By: kevin on 7/29/12
    5 Stars

    my family loves it

  3. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!
    Reviewed By: Andrea Hillier on 4/28/15
    4 Stars

    We really like our wallsticker. It is looks like us, everybody recognizes us.
    Best site for all the options of caracters and hobbies.
    Really quick delivery. Were a bit surprized after paying high transport costs with Fed Ex, to pay an additional costum fee wich was also high....why isn't this in the prize of FedEx?
    Luckly had help with applying it on our wall......
    We love it!!

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